What Difference are You Making in the World? What is Your Imprint?

Sixteen of the region’s most engaging speakers and performers will grace the Peace Center stage at the TEDxGreenville annual conference Friday, April 7. The all-day event is known for taking its audiences on an intellectual and emotional roller coaster with presenters that delight, challenge, question, answer, disrupt, and enlighten.

The event engages attendees in moving stories, jaw-dropping performances, and demonstrations of groundbreaking new technologies under the event’s theme for 2017: “IMPRINT.”

Patterned after the hugely popular global TED conference (www.ted.com), TEDxGreenville, one of the first TEDx events in South Carolina launched in 2010, continues to gain momentum year after year through spreading ideas during its often sold-out conference and igniting Greenville’s leading thinkers and doers from all backgrounds.

“TEDxGreenville is a catalyst for the most progressive, most innovative, and most mind-expanding ideas possible, presented in one short day in Greenville. We want to be a catalyst in creating healthy, important conversation in Greenville.” stated Russell Stall, TEDxGreenville License Holder and Organizer. “The atmosphere is designed to be inspirational, fun, and thought-provoking, and we want to ensure that a wide range of people from our community participate in the 2017 conference.”

“We are especially excited to bring TEDx back to the Peace Center, giving us the opportunity to present to a larger audience, and build the number of people who can spread ideas throughout the community,” stated Stall.

At the heart of TEDxGreenville are the event’s presenters: a diverse group that includes business innovators, community activists, scientists, academics, performers, and community change agents. Each of the presenters are chosen based on their potential to spur change and to create a shift in thinking in the Upstate. The event leaves attendees surprised, uneasy, impressed, troubled, moved, bemused, and inspired. Every talk and performance is offered in a spirit of growth and camaraderie that's been integral to the TEDxGreenville experience since the organization’s first conference.

“Our goal when choosing presenters is to find inspirational, energetic, and fascinating people who want to create the Greenville of the future, It’s all about presenting the most innovative ideas that Greenville has never seen or heard before,” stated Caroline Caldwell-Richmond, Curator and Director of the Presenter Selection Team.

The 2017 Conference presenters Include:

  • Rashmi Airan – Ethics Consultant
  • Adam Anderson - Cyber Security Specialist
  • George Austin – Radical Educator
  • Luigi Boccuto - Geneticist
  • Joe Brewer - Criminal Justice Reformer
  • Zachary Brewster - Business Consultant
  • Alrinthea Carter – Urban Photographer
  • Friction Farm – Modern Folk Duo
  • Kate Hendricks Thomas – Fitness Psychologist
  • Crystal Irby - Spoken Word Poet
  • Janine Monroe - Artist
  • Vaughn Newman - Modern Dance Choreographer
  • Tracey Pickett - Tech Entrepreneur
  • Lori Rose - Relationship and Intimacy Coach
  • Jim Sevier - Tech Innovator
  • Taina Asili y la Banda Rebelde - Soul Justice Performer


Presenters share ideas worth spreading to complement this year’s theme IMPRINT, representing both the noun and the verb context of the word:

“The noun speaking to the imprints we leave in and on our world both collectively and individually, and imprint as the verb speaking to our humanity and our interconnectedness. What if as human-beings we are imprinting so strongly and acquire just enough of each other’s’ characteristics that there were no constructs for division because we have imprinted so strongly that we see each living entity as family? What if the result of this imprinting was one tribe?” explains Mrs. Caldwell-Richmond.