Woodrow Dantzler III | The Individuality of a Team

Beyond Sports Mentor

There may not be an “I” in “Team,” but there is a “me.” When individuals within a team take personal responsibility for their own skill set development, they can and will make the team that much stronger when properly placed under the mission and vision of the team.



One of the leading candidates for the Heisman Trophy in 2001 at Clemson, and a veteran of the Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons, Woodrow works with youth to help them realize, unlock and walk in their greatness.

Born and raised in Orangeburg to parents Woodrow and Mozelle Dantzler Jr, Woodrow made a name for himself through football.  His talents took him from Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School to Clemson where he got his degree in marketing. From there, Woodrow played in the National Football League for the Dallas Cowboys and the Atlanta Falcons.

Dantzler was taught at a young age to always push and work to be the very best he could possibly be at whatever her chose to do.  With this advice in mind, he always sought out ways and people to assist him along the road to becoming the best version of himself.  After his sports career, Woodrow transitioned into the world of sales.

Now living in the Upstate of South Carolina, Woodrow is taking his Dad’s advice and passing it on. Through discovery and experience, he have developed ways to unlock his God-given potential. Woodrow does a lot of work with the youth to help them begin to realize, unlock and walk in their greatness. This is done through speaking opportunities, trainings, consulting and mentorship. Dantzler is married to his wife Portia and they have two wonderful daughters, Trinity and Zoe.