Tobi Stansell | Industrial Revolution 4.0: Expanding Opportunities for Tech Entrepreneurs

We are in the midst of an industrial revolution. The world of work is changing like never before. How do we create new, innovative opportunities for tech entrepreneurs?

About Toby

For more than three decades, G. T. “Toby” Stansell has served in executive roles for high-impact, fast-growth organizations that understand the need to leverage innovation and technology for improved operational and financial performance.

Mr. Stansell specializes in developing and deploying innovative approaches to an organization’s most pressing problems and primary opportunities, and his involvement imprints an indelible culture within commercial, civic, and cultural entities that motivates, galvanizes, and unifies the organization’s personnel to fulfill its true purpose.

Toby’s primary objectives when leading an organization are to impart a sustainable positive and productive culture, identify and capitalize upon transformative opportunities, and optimize operational and financial performance.

His prescriptive approach has equipped organizations of all shapes and sizes to make better decisions faster, leverage their strengths for a competitive edge, and maximize results.