Erika Whatley

Program Team


Erika is an actress and theatre artist who will be working this year with The Warehouse Theatre as a teaching artist in different schools in the Greenville area. She has a passion for the arts and for education. Her interest lies in community development through theatre artistry, devised theatre to record the culture of communities, and creation of sustainable and retainable theatre talent, especially in South Carolina.

She enjoys pet sitting a pair of insane Boston terriers, playing games (board, card, and video), and drawing in her calendar when she should be paying attention to the world around her. Her favorite author (currently) is Kurt Vonnegut and she is trying to teach herself Italian. Last summer she worked as a professional painter in making backdrops for the stage, a children’s play performer, and a bartending pirate. While working as a pirate she met Dolly Parton, Don Vito, and lied to Vanna White.

She is an INFP personality type- so her thoughts often don’t make sense and she may not get the chance to tell you her ideas, but being on the Program Team with TEDxGreenville, she promises to help bring fabulous speakers to this lovely little city.