Eddie Smith

Program Team Assistant Lead


With passions for the arts, the quantitative, and the efficient, Eddie is a few parts abstraction and a few parts science. But most days, he tries to err on being practical.

Eddie likes to write. He co-authored Markdown, a book about a writing syntax of the same name. He writes PracticallyEfficient.com, an amalgamated pile of posts on technology, productivity, and the highly imperfect pursuit of personal betterment. He’s also an incurable geek who loves well-designed technology, some of which he has written about at macworld.com.

Eddie likes to make really complicated insurance and financial concepts easy to understand. To that end, he’s a credentialed actuary and a director at The Infinite Actuary, where he designs and manages web-based educational products for actuaries.

Beyond all that geekery and money-making stuff, he’s passionate about being a dad, college football, learning new things, and meeting brilliant people.


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