Patrick Mieritz

Program Team


I got into TED talks for a significant reason: I can’t afford cable. I mean I CAN, but I don’t watch a ton of TV, anyway. That’s what friends’ houses are for.  However, my $8/month Netflix account that I stream through my Xbox onto my T.V. (very impressive sounding) had a number of TED talks and I became engrossed in them. The talent and the focus of the ideas being presented were astounding and made me feel equal parts inspired and disappointed in myself for not being able to “contribute to society in a meaningful way”. Lo and behold, along comes TEDx Greenville.  This opportunity to serve TEDxGreenville was presented through my association with PULSE, the young professionals organization run through the Chamber of Commerce.

If you’re under 40, join and come to our events. They are awesome. Unlike many young people, I actually left Texas for South Carolina. I attended Furman University for an incredibly useful degree in History and, as such, I’ve been in sales and marketing ever since. You will be assured my bibliographies are very well documented.

I currently serve as a Career Services Advisor for Brown Mackie College where I market our Medical Assisting and Health Care Administration graduates and programs across the Upstate. Finally, to counteract my defection to South Carolina, my mom has replaced me with two golden retrievers, Bella and Roxy. They are far prettier and, according to mom, smarter than me.