Interactive Team


Born in a small rusty can, this dimly-lit bulb of a boy discovered early that he could receive transmissions of seemingly otherworldly luminescence.  Shunned by caterpillars of conventional reception, he crawled, walked, & ran from Mundania, out into the world of Mysteria; taking in the divine sparks of genius and inspiration from the mythical creatures he met along the way.  Before long, this fuel and fire inspired strength enough to work his butterfly wings, and in flight he found the freedom from gravity that his inner voices had alluded to all along.

Each new moment shining forth mirrored divine light from the face of every twinkling star.  And as the light inside his head grew, he came to realize that it was the swirling pool of magnificent dreams and visions that the Universe, in its cosmic grace, had revealed, and the best way to honor that gift was to pay it forward.  And so begins the story of your humble narrator and lovable underdog… TimTv.