Reece Lyerly

Program Team
Interactive Team


Reece is the new kid on the block at TEDxGreenville.  A 2-year veteran of the Greenville Forward staff, Reece currently serves as the Program Director, but most enjoys working in community gardens across Greenville with Gardening for Good.  (Note: He apologizes in advance if he tracks dirt into meetings.)

This year, Reece is excited to take off his gardening gloves and join the TEDx crew on both the program and interactive teams.  Reece has been infatuated with TED since he first watched Hans Rosling swallow a sword in his 2007 talk on global poverty and he is excited to bring this same passion and ingenuity to ideas worth sharing at TEDxGreenville 2014.

In his personal life, Reece is a lover of bluegrass music, sustainable “festivarian”, and local food enthusiast but his guilty pleasure is scattered, covered and smothered hash browns from Waffle House.  Remember his face, because you may see him as a contestant on Survivor one day.