Elaine Hester

Volunteer Coordinator


My husband John and I moved to Greenville from the Chicago area 5 years ago.  Having lived there for almost 20 years, we had been looking for a new place to call home and had considered multiple cities across the country.  In 2006 a friend invited us to a Clemson football weekend. and after walking down Main Street in Greenville, it moved to the top of the list.  We love being close to the mountains (not much of that terrain in the midwest) and not far from the ocean.  We have fun hiking, bicycling, kayaking, playing golf and travelling.    I also enjoy photography, rock collecting and gardening. Having lived most of our lives in the snowbelt, the weather here is TERRIFIC…   We’re never moving again!

Prior to meeting Despina, I was not familiar with TED , although both of my adult children (son in Berlin and daughter in Minneapolis) know all about it.  I am excited about participating in this event, as I am always interested in becoming more involved with the Greenville community.  There are so many terrific people to meet! Helping with the volunteers will certainly lead me in that direction.

I have some history with planning events as I was the Walk Manager for the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Walk for the past two years.  Recruiting good volunteers was crucial to that event as well.  In the past I have been an ophthalmic medical technician and retinal photographer, a gift sales rep in the Chicago area, and a fund raiser for NAMI and an eye research facility.