Raj Gavurla

Salon Squad


Raj is on the TEDxGreenville team to help and grow Greenville to continue being a great place to live, work, and play. Being from Greenville and having lived in Washington, D.C., and Atlanta before moving back to Greenville, he is fascinated with its history, people, and in creating history. He works as a performance and entrepreneurial speaker, author, coach/advisor, and consultant and feels the salons are a forum for people to generate, share, and discuss great ideas, invigorate community involvement, and create Greenville history.

He came to America when he was four and a half with his mom and sister on a flight from Hyderabad, India, to New York City. The first words he heard in America were his dad saying, “Raju, I bought candy!” His dad had a Hershey’s bar, which is still Raj’s favorite today; however, he likes it with almonds. He says regardless of where he is in the world, Greenville is home to him.

“Live your great dreams – they become greater.” – Raj Gavurla