Lisa Marie Corley

Past Curator
Branding Team Lead, Planning Team

TEDxGreenville sets Lisa on fire!

“I was so energized by attending my first TEDxGreenville event in 2011 that I raised my hand to volunteer for the 2012 team,” she said. “I’ve been hooked ever since — you just can’t beat the energy and camaraderie among a gang o’go-getters pursuing a mission to inspire.”

Lisa’s passions? To create, share, learn, sweat, entertain supersassy ideas — and laugh. Many weeknights you’ll find her at the gym or meditating, and, when obligations allow her to pursue weekend obsessions, she’ll often romance some sort of creative whim or hop in her convertible Mini and head for a spot of beautiful nature.

Or perhaps she’ll take naps. Naps are great, too.

An art director with Greenville Health System, Lisa’s held diverse positions in the Greenville-Spartanburg area for more than 20 years. Her career has spanned design, creative direction, brand and process management, photography, writing, copy editing, social media, website planning, Mac network admin, and fundraising. She’s received many awards and honors that she nestles in a treasure box next to last decade’s epiphanies.


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