MaryJo Peterson Castro

Production Team


While at work one day, MaryJo discovered her co-worker was a TEDxGreenville team member. It didn’t take long for her to ask her co-worker how she could becomeinvolved; after all, she’s a fan of TEDx online. Needless to say she is very excited to be involved as a team member.

Her passion for working in media production was first ignited on a film set in the middle of the Phoenix desert in 1994 when she had an epiphany. Since then, MaryJo has worked as an actress, Creative Director & Producer for staged productions, the Producer of a national/international television program, and Floor Director for Georgia Public Broadcasting. She is currently the Director of Communications at Redemption; overseeing the Media & Marketing Departments and stage productions.

When MaryJo isn’t working you can find her downtown, enjoying her new home in Greenville with her long-time husband. She loves riding her bike along the Reddy River, hiking, she’s a TMC fan, and talks to her three cats regularly. She looks forward to having grandchildren someday, but not yet!