Russell Stall

Organizer & License Holder
Director of Sponsorship
Co-Lead, Strategic & Planning Teams

Russell has a passion for many things… TEDxGreenville, his hometown of Greenville, bees.

Russell is a boomerang, one of those people who grew up in Greenville, left, and didn’t come back after 16 years because he didn’t think Greenville was cool or progressive enough. However, Greenville changed and became a place where Russell wanted his family to grow and transform. Russell is the former Executive Director of Greenville Forward, the organization he created in 2006. Greenville Forward is responsible for making sure that the bold and aggressive dreams of Vision 2025 are accomplished.

Russell is an active public speaker and motivator, telling the story of Greenville’s transformation from the “Textile Capital of the World” as a “milltown to a willtown” with a diversified economy built through collaborative relationships, community engagement, and creative partnerships. In the last few years, Russell has told this story to over 450 groups and 25,000 people.

He has been the facilitator for Leadership Greenville for ten years, and has been named as one of Greenville’s Most Influential People by Greenville Business Magazine three times.


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