Shay Houser | Addiction in the C-Suite

130 people die every day due to opioid addiction. 88,000 die each year due to alcohol. The current method of “waiting for rock bottom” isn’t working. Whether it’s because of stigma, denial, or concerns about losing their jobs, people are not coming forward to get the help they need until it’s too late. They need more options.

The addition in the C-Suite is real. Join Shay Houser, the Founder of YouTurn, who understands the fallout, stigma, and social responsibility of addiction among our leaders and those closest to us. Opioid addiction has an impact on us all.


Shay is a seasoned technology entrepreneur previously co-founding and serving as CEO of four companies: Seruus Telecom Fund, L.P. (1996), Trivergent (Nuvox) Communications (1997), UCI Communications (2003), and Green Cloud Technologies (2011). His expertise is creating recurring revenue-based services that are sold to enterprises and distributed through channel partners. Shay has significant experience raising capital (raised over $275mm through 30 transactions and filed for an IPO), and he has sourced and closed 20+ acquisitions.

Shay is a 3x Inc. 500/5000 award winner from 2015-2017 with his time as CEO of Green Cloud Technologies. He is a graduate of The Citadel and serves on the business advisory board for The Citadel’s Baker School of Business. He is also in recovery and fueled by a passion for helping others.