Susan Stall | Sex and World Peace: Why We Need to Care about Gender Equality

Research shows that gender equality and gender diversity improve economic development, promote peace, and improve the performance of companies and governments. While gender inequality impacts all women and men around the world, for some women and girls it is a matter of life or death. Every year 4 million women and girls disappear, simply because they are female. Through her work with one of the largest giving circles in the world, Dining for Women, Susan Stall has learned that we should all care about gender equality.

About Susan

Susan Stall is a community volunteer with a passion for justice.

She spent 13 years in corporate banking with SunTrust in Atlanta, before moving to Greenville to concentrate on her family. Now that her two sons are grown, Susan serves as Vice Chair of Dining for Women, the largest giving circle in the world, which is headquartered in Greenville. Dining for Women works to promote gender equality by funding grants that impact women in girls in the developing world and by educating members (currently more than 8,000 throughout the US) about issues facing women and girls around the globe.

She serves on the board of JustFaith Ministries, an organization headquartered in Louisville, KY that facilitates small group discussion of the gospel call to social justice and compassion. She also serves a trustee of the FW Symmes Foundation, which provides funding for nonprofits working in Greenville County.