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Randomonium is the perfect kind of strange – a mystical cocktail of wondrously varied songs from all decades and genres, enhanced by the addition of some exotic/exotically prosaic instruments, and presented with love, humor and a touch of cheek.



What’s your decade? We are a variety/cover band from Greenville, SC that is anything but average, with songs ranging from the 50s to present day, and our song list is always growing! Some highlights of our shows include totally unexpected mash-ups, face-melting kazoo, keytar, and recorder solos, good times had by all in attendance, and of course your favorite songs from all over the spectrum! Whether you want all the variety or a particular decade/artist for your event, chances are we can bring it! We have played at various venues all across the Upstate of SC, from coffee shops to weddings, markets, and fundraisers, and have experienced positive reviews and return business from all.