Ralph Hulseman | The Power of Microsurfaces

Hoowaki transforms the surfaces of common materials through micro technology on extruded and molded products and processes. We reduce sliding friction and control surface tension along with other custom capabilities. Using our proprietary technology, Hoowaki creates micro structured surfaces on your industrial tooling to create micron-sized features on the polymer and metal surfaces of your products.

About Ralph

Ralph Hulseman is the president and founder of Hoowaki LLC. Ralph has a BS and MS in chemical engineering both from MIT. Prior to starting Hoowaki, Ralph spent almost 26 years with Michelin in various roles. His last position was as Manager of Science and Expertise based in Greenville, SC, which established and managed research partnerships between Michelin R&D and universities, national laboratories and companies; and which conducted business development analyses of new opportunities. Prior to this Ralph was responsible for R&D effectiveness and process re-design for Michelin Groupe based in Clermont-Ferrand, France which conducted studies to improve Michelin’s R&D centers in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Before his time in France.