Meg Pierson


Born in Jacksonville, Florida and a Clemson graduate of 2008, Meg first began watching TED Talks on the computer. Since her college career as a history major, she has always been drawn to stories, different viewpoints, and challenging ideas. It was during her time in Clemson that she first became aware of improvisational comedy, which now plays a tremendous role in her life.

In 2012, Meg co-founded Alchemy Comedy Theater in Greenville, which has expanded from four improvisors to more than sixty people in the company. One of her primary passions is education and she teaches improv courses in Alchemy’s training center as well as regional corporate workshops. In addition to the improvisation, she currently works as an actor, production assistant, and comedic writer for Cone of Shame, an informative video series on YouTube featuring great comedy and even better pet health advice. In addition to the videos, Meg travels internationally teaching improv workshops at veterinary conferences. This is her first time working with TEDx Greenville and she is thrilled to be a part of Kaleidoscope.