Paul Dawson | Double-Dipping and Other Disgusting Habits

Food Germ Scientist

Everyday habits can spread germs. This talk raises awareness of how illness and disease can be spread using a light-hearted approach.



Paul Dawson has been a Professor at Clemson University in the Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences Department since 1991.  Before 1991, he conducted post-doctorate research and completed his doctorate at North Carolina State University, completed his Masters’ of Science degree at the University of Florida, and obtained his B.S. at Salisbury University (MD). Paul teaches Graduate and Undergraduate Courses in Food Chemistry, Food Science, Food Physical Properties and Creative Inquiry Research and serves as Graduate Coordinator for MS and Ph.D. programs in his department.

His research focuses on Food Safety and Quality, including specific biosensors, active food packaging, refrigerated/frozen food shelf life, and bacterial survival and transfer in food.  

Dawson has authored/coauthored 113 refereed scientific publications, 18 technical book chapters, and 152 scientific abstracts. Paul has over 150 interviews in the popular media, including appearances on National Public Radio, CNN, Headlines News, MSNBC, Canadian Broadcasting Company, Fox News Channel, CBS Radio News, and a live appearance on Michael Feldman’s Whad’Ya Know? Radio Show. Published articles based on research in this book have appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, National Geographic, Chicago Tribune, Woman’s Day, Prevention Magazine, Oprah’s Health Magazine, London Sunday Times, Men’s Health, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Magazine, Reader’s Digest UK and HGTV magazine.