Opera Noire of New York | A Premier Opera Company

Huge voices with a mix of soprano-bass duets and tenor solos. These performers have performed all over the world and brought this TEDxGreenville audience to its feet.

About Opera Noire

Opera Noire of New York (ONNY) is a performing arts company, as well as a resource and networking organization led by African American singers in pursuit of a serious performing career. Their mission is to empower members to achieve their full potential in a mutually supportive, honest and positive environment, which promotes effective training, constructive sharing and unselfish generosity.

This season’s events build on the daring spirit that has been the driving force behind Opera Noire of New York by general director and co-founder, tenor, Robert Mack, and artistic director/co-founder baritone Kenneth Overton. They have presented works that continue to promote themes representing African American composers and legendary artists. By continuing to perform the classics with a fresh new face, ONNY takes pride in fulfilling the company’s mission, which is to expose audiences to the world’s finest new artists and to facilitate a distinguished and prolific operatic career to young performers.

ONNY is an organization with members who have performed in some of the world’s leading opera houses such as, the Metropolitan Opera, New York City Opera,  San Francisco Opera, La Scala of Milan, Paris’ Téâtre du Châtelet, and Berlin’s Deutsche Opera.

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