MaryJo Petersen Castro

Backstage and Floor Director, Event Logistics Team

While at work one day (and new to Greenville), MaryJo randomly discovered her co-worker was a TEDxGreenville team member. After her initial shock and disbelief that “TEDx-is-located-here-in-Greenville?!” passed, she asked her co-worker how she could become involved; after all she’s a fan of TEDx online. Needless to say, she is very excited to be involved for a second year.

Her passion for working in media production was first ignited on a movie set in the middle of the Phoenix desert in 1994 when she had an epiphany while playing a role in a walk-on scene with the co-star. Since then, MaryJo has worked as an actress, producer of staged productions and television, and floor director/stage managed for many years in media productions. She is recently the former Director of Communications at Redemption, and is currently freelancing as a video scriptwriter for Well2Win.

When MaryJo isn’t working, you can find her loafing or eating downtown, or working on her new home with her long-time husband. She loves bike riding along the Reedy River, hiking, she’s a TMC fan, and a LOTR trilogy/Hobbit freak.


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