Lauren Good

Event Coordinator
Production Team


Who would have guessed that, after coordinating a “Sex in The City” movie premiere party for her gal pals, Lauren Good would pursue her passion and creativity in becoming an event planner – because she sure didn’t. Lauren grew up in the North Main area right here in Greenville, aspiring to become a Marine Biologist, due mainly to her love of dolphins. This, however, required numerous science and medical related years in school, to which Lauren’s larger-than-life personality and left brain rebelled and made her think twice. She ended up at Clemson University majoring in Marketing. This was definitely more her speed.

Lauren loves the spotlight, and she shines most when working with a client to create a memorable, one-of-a-kind event. She found a true flair for event design and drew inspiration from beautiful plantation weddings, and corporate affairs while working in Charleston for 4 years. Since moving back to Greenville, Lauren married a California native who shares her love for salty air, a.k.a. the beach. Lauren is an Event Director for the Kroc Center downtown, and even runs her own event-planning business, you know, in her spare time.

Lauren’s philosophy is simple: The client relationship is paramount. She believes in listening to her clients and helping them to achieve their goals for a successful event. She knows that only through detailed communication can the goals of the clients be met. Lauren is thrilled to bring her knowledge to TEDx as this year’s Event Coordinator.