Jonathan Parker | The Art of Conversation

All day every day we are creating vocal art as we engage with one another through conversations. Seeing conversations as art is a compelling way to capture attention and imagination about what “could be” through our daily verbal exchanges. Employing specific tools can transform ordinary interactions into powerful moments of connection and understanding and even move diverse people toward positive results together.

About Jonathan

“How many years are you going to waste waiting for permission to do what you already know you should be doing?” That simple, yet complex, question was asked to Jonathan Parker in 2014 and has altered the trajectory of his life.

Jonathan does not wait for permission anymore to do what he believes he should be doing. He gave myself permission and hopes to empower others to do the same. Jonathan is a creative thought-leader and influencer who has a captivating story about why the Art of the Conversation became important to him.

Originally from New England, Jonathan did not speak until almost five years old; and then became an adult who is known for engaging conversations and powerful public speaking. His own journey led him to research and value the incredible power of intentional conversations resulting in a compelling training around this topic that he takes to businesses and non-profit organizations with great success.

Jonathan has been teaching and speaking to a variety of audiences for close to a decade as a community leader, entrepreneur and as the Director of City Involvement at Fellowship Greenville. Jonathan challenges the status quo in all his endeavors, create space for vision and connection, and inspires and empowers people through speaking, training, and storytelling. Now calling Greenville home, Jonathan is humbly venturing forward in these things with his beautiful wife, Jessica, and his sons, Titus, Judah and Zion.

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