John Fallon | Everyone Wants to Be a Super Hero

Superhero Specialist

The comic book is a reflection of the needs of a society or individuals. Many people in today’s society identify with their favorite superheroes. The question is… how are superheroes responsible for helping us live our lives when futures may look grim? What can we learn and be inspired by our superheroes? What is your superhero power?

John is a comic book and superhero expert and applies this knowledge to our everyday lives. Don’t miss this engaging and entertaining talk.


John is a retired music teacher from Walhalla High School, having completed 40 years in the classroom. John has also been a church choir director/service musician for the last 35 years. In addition to education/church work, John has been an award-winning speaker, a presenter at education conferences, and is currently a vocalist/keyboardist in a local rock band. John is originally from NY, with degrees from the following institutions: BA in Music Ed from Long Island University in NY, an MA in Education Administration and Supervision from Clemson University, and an MA in Choral Conducting from Western Carolina University. John has been a repeating presenter at the following conferences: Balanced Mind Arts Conference (NY), High Schools That Work National Conference, The ACDA National Conference, The Education, and Business Conference of SC and has worked multiple times with the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship.