Jillian Wells | Divorce Is Not About You

Divorced with Grace

Divorce hurts, and it’s challenging and painful when children are involved; Jillian knows first-hand.

It’s nearly unheard-of for a divorced couple to have a good relationship, let alone be “friends” and maintain the sense of “family” for their children. When you focus on the kids and what’s best for them, putting your own feelings/hurts/emotions aside (which is NOT easy), the innocent children you brought into this world benefit, and you just might too.



Jillian Wells came to Greenville in 2002 to continue her career in television news on FOX Carolina as a Meteorologist/News Reporter. Although born and raised in the Cleveland, OH area, she fell in love with Greenville and built her family and career here over the last 17 years. She was married in 2006, had two amazing boys, Zane (now 8) and Creed (now 6).

In 2016, one week before her 10th wedding anniversary, during a couples’ therapy session, her husband expressed his desire to end their marriage. It was a devastating time, to say the least. Just barely a year and a half earlier, while on a cruise with her husband, their house caught fire while her mom and 2 young boys were inside. Thankfully everyone made it out safely, but the home was a complete loss. She and her husband had been rebuilding their dream house the following year and a half when the decision to separate was made. Suddenly thrust into a “single-mom” role, Jillian continued working for her soon to be ex-husband’s company.

Before her job with her husband’s company, Jillian filled various roles, including Meteorologist/News Reporter for FOX Carolina and fill-in Meteorologist with WYFF4, Senior Sales Representative for JanPak Supplies, Director of the Imagine Center Fitness club, and the toughest job yet as a Stay-at-Home Mom.

She continued working with her ex-husband’s company until 2019, when she decided to take a leap and start her own business: E3 Employee Engagement and Experience. Jillian’s years of leading, training, and interviewing helped her realize her passion for helping people and businesses be their very best. Her business focuses on just that: improving employee engagement so the business can thrive and helping employees have the best experience while in the workplace. Jillian can also be found presenting to businesses about the importance of culture and employee engagement.

While she loves her work, Jillian’s favorite job is being a mom to her two amazing sons. She’s made it a priority always to put them and their needs first. Jillian is honored to share her story and experience as a divorcee in hopes that others going through the same thing can be empowered to put their feelings aside and focus on the children first. In her spare time, Jillian loves playing with her boys, traveling, being outdoors, working out, and dancing.  She is thrilled to announce she is now engaged and cannot wait to join families with her fiancé and his 3 incredible boys. Both Jillian and her fiancé have great relationships with their exes and are living the best version of divorce.