Jeff Dugan | Tiny Fibers for Big Jobs

Etched-plate technology is a exploding new approach to making fibers. Fibers so tiny they can’t be seen can now be made into filters that capture invisibly small particles. Or you can write your name in a 10-micron fiber and use it to trace a terrorist’s bomb. Or…there’s lots more, and it’s all enabled by this single innovation that designers and dreamers need to know about. It’s the emperor’s new space-suit. But this time it’s real!



As founder of Fiber Innovation Technology, the world’s most innovative fiber producer, Jeff created etched-plate fiber technology to explode the range of problems that fibers can solve.

Jeff’s dad once told him, “Avoid a career in textiles at all costs.”

So naturally Jeff earned degrees in Chemical Engineering and Textile Chemistry, and got a research job with a textile company. And then with a fiber company. Finally he co-founded Fiber Innovation Technology – the world’s most innovative fiber producer.

In a 35-year career, Jeff has authored numerous papers and is named on nearly 50 patents. When the world wants a new fiber, they usually call Jeff.

Looking back on his father’s advice, Jeff now tells his own kids to avoid careers in law and medicine.


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