Jarell Rochelle | How I Moved from Fame to Purpose

What is our obsession with fame in the Western culture? Most everyone either wants fame, wonders about what it feels like to be famous, but just like any contract it comes with small print. Fame isn’t really what its cracked up to be once you get up close to examine what it is all about.



Jarell Rochelle is a dynamic professional speaker and it is all actually by accident. Graduating from Sam Houston State University with his B.F.A in Theater Arts; Jarell Rochelle is no stranger to the stage. While an actor, his professional dance career of 14 years has lead him to make appearances on hit reality TV shows such as Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance,” MTV’S “Americas Best Dance Crew,” and NBC’S “Americas Got Talent.”

As the years have passed, Jarell noticed, the way he started to address audiences had shifted. In 2015, He was asked by a dance company, based of Houston TX, (Sunkiss’d) to perform at a TEDxYouth. Before performing, he was asked to give a short speech on what it means to follow his dreams. Needless to say, the reviews from his first speaking gig were so well received by the audience, that he has not put down the microphone or his Michael Jackson glitter shoes since! Jarell’s primary gift is to engage audiences with his captivating personality through speech.

The way he disarms viewers with thought provoking messages in movement has audiences across the nation spellbound by the way he captures the human condition; while telling vivid, honest stories through the lens of his theatrical poise. Speaking alongside of keynote giants of this industry while combining the gift of prophetic dance and theater makes for an overall powerhouse packaging for any messages delivered by him; an experience divine in of itself. Looking to make his mark on the world by extending a legacy beyond him, Jarell has no plans of slowing down any time soon.



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