Greg Ward | Building Value and Hope Through Coffee

Coffee Bridge Builder

Work, where we spend one-third of our lives, can be better. Bridge City Coffee hires under-employed and teaches those employees career skills to give them purpose and passion. Learn how Bridge City Coffee impacts people’s lives through work by motivating them with purpose and value.



Greg is the founder of Bridge City Coffee that sells great coffee, employs the under-employed, and teaches them career skills to give them purpose and passion.

Greg spent most of his career in consulting. After witnessing the power of a similar company in Denver, Colorado, he embarked on a mission to open a coffee house that could sell great coffee, employ the under-employed and teach those employees career skills that would give them purpose and passion.

Greg launched Bridge City last year and has big plans to grow the organization and do a ton of good. The power of a cup of coffee is instantly mesmerizing after you spend five minutes listening to his perspective.