Grant Cothran | Making Dumpster Diving More Accessible

Dumpster Diving Upcycler

Practicing creative reuse is an accessible way to develop resourcefulness — a critical life skill. Every community needs a creative reuse center.



Grant is the Executive Director of ReCraft Creative Reuse Center, an organization connecting creative people with reusable materials.

Passion: “infrastructures of joy” — connecting others to happiness and meaning. #YeahThatGreenville, South Carolina with wife, dog, and a small human called Sam.

Social innovator, tinkerer, upcycler currently launching Clemson MBA capstone project into reality. @ReCraftGVL (501c3) connects creative people with reusable materials.

Previously planes, trains, rental cars: 8 years marketing with Fortune 250 railroad, 5 years FDI and business attraction in Virginia. Youngest-ever IEDC-certified economic developer.

Cooking, guitar, sketchnoting. The Overstory, Change By Design, The Atlantic, Hudson Hawk, The Wire, The Blue Album, The Obvious Child.

“I believe immersion in nature makes people more caring and generous.”