Erin Wamsley | Memories in the Dreaming Brain

Dream Scientist

Humans have been struggling to understand dreaming for literally millennia. Now, new research in the neurosciences suggests that dreams may instead reflect the processing of recent memories in the sleeping brain rather than mysterious messages from the unconscious mind.



We each spend about a third of our lives sleeping. Why? As a cognitive neuroscientist, Erin studies this relatively uncharted territory, exploring the function of sleep, the brain basis of dreaming, and resting states’ role in memory consolidation more broadly.

In her current role as director of the Furman University Sleep Laboratory and Associate Professor of Psychology at Furman University, Erin and her research group study how the brain processes memories during sleep and resting wakefulness and the relationship of sleep-dependent memory processing to dream experiences. Erin has published over 50 scientific articles on these topics, delivered numerous lectures nationally and internationally, and obtained over 1 million dollars in grant funding for her work at Furman.