Eric Chaniot | Technology and the Automobile

About Eric

As Chief Digital Officer with Michelin North America, Eric Chaniot is a dynamic and seasoned innovator, who has been in the technology business for over 20 years.

He began his career at Apple Inc. in the mid 90’s, and was responsible for the first wireless notebook. He then left to build on his expertise at another technology power player, Hewlett-Packard Company, where he created many products and product lines and ran businesses in networking, personal computing, software and printing. With many successful product lines, he helped generate hundreds of millions of dollars for the company. After Eric left HP, he created an Internet start-up in Europe called Internet Word of Mouth, iWoM. The premise of this start-up was to make Internet ratings and reviews more reliable, by using proprietary technology. After growing his entrepreneurial expertise and learning how to develop and run a start-up company, he moved to the United States and created Tire Intelligence, a data and software start-up. This company enabled tire manufacturers, tire distributors and tire dealers to manage their businesses more efficiently and to drastically improve their presence on the Internet.

In June 2015, Eric sold Tire Intelligence and became the Chief Digital Officer of Michelin. At Michelin, Eric is responsible for accelerating the worldwide Michelin Digital Transformation.