Dan Weidenbenner | Community Revitalization through Gardening

Dan Weidenbenner is the executive director of Mill Community Ministries, the umbrella organization for Mill Village Farms. Through this work he leads a network of urban farms while delivering and marketing produce in low-income, “food-desert” communities where there is often little-to-no access to fresh and affordable food. His focus has been on employing and empowering at-risk teens to lead this endeavor while also teaching job-skills, sustainable-agriculture, and entrepreneurship. He and his wife live in the Greater Sullivan community where the organization first began at Long Branch Baptist Church in partnership with Grace Church.

He serves on a variety of boards that impact his community, including Habitat Greenville, New Horizons, and CommunityWorks.Everyone has a brain, but most of us do not know much about how our brains work, or the impact of brain research on poverty. Learn how your brain operates and how to change and improve lives.