Chiccy Baritone

Performer Handler, Program Team

Chiccy, also known as Charlene,  is not content with being the last in line. She has strategically moved her way to the front of the line where she maintains a strong presence. Introduced to the poetry circuit in 2001 and affectionately named “Chiccy Baritone” (Pronounced “chick-y”), Charlene Evans lives up to the full meaning of her stage name — chic and well-put together (spiritually and emotionally).

Using her deep, melodic alto voice to share her heart addressing multiple issues of life in poetry form with much authority, her work can best be described as spiritually grounded, filled with real-life situations and God-filled solutions. She embraces that there are no limits when it comes to reaching people with her poetry; classrooms, clubs, church . . . her stage is diverse. She knows this is only the beginning of where God is extending the use of His Word in her as His vessel. She won’t be the last, but her prayer is to leave a challenging word in your heart and soul, long after she has left the stage.

Chiccy launched her sophomore project, Wildflower, in January 2013 and engages her social media network through a monthly blog and numerous projects in and out of the city. One of her most recent accomplishments includes the TEDxGreenville 2014 conference. They selected Chiccy Baritone as a performing artist out of 150 nominees.

Chiccy’s mantra stands true… Poetry is life. Chiccy Baritone speaks life. What is life or Chiccy without poetry?

Residing in Greenville, SC, Chiccy earned a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from South Carolina State University. She moved to the Upstate to begin her journey into adulthood while working in the corporate arena.


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