Chase Michaels | The Economics of Buying Local

Three quarters of every dollar spent at a locally owned store stays local, and that is 33 cents for a big box and 1 cent for online. Think about the next time you are about to click send on that Amazon Prime order. By spending just $20 locally instead of online each week, we can transform the Upstate economy.

About Chase

Chase is a life long entrepreneur who’s love for small business came from his Mom and Dad owning a gas station and restaurant. He grew up in a very small rural mid-west community which gave him the opportunity to see first hand the importance of small business to that community.

Having started his first business during college and his latest venture which is connecting small locally owned businesses with consumers brings the whole Buy Local concept to a new level. He has become a sought after speaker in the hyper-local marketing field and how Artificial Intelligence along with Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics can enhance how small businesses can attract and keep customers.

Being able to compete with chain stores, small businesses need to understand that consumers are mobile and most of their buying habits are truly about instant gratification. Being in business is just not enough to compete in today”s retail environment, consumers want better buying experiences and a relationship with the businesses they are customers of. He believes Main Street is where we should spend our money not Wall Street!

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