Michael Arnold | How to Teach Kids Better Problem Solving

We are not preparing our children for a future of AI, robotics, and autonomous driving. Our education system is comfortable with the status quo and that will not be enough in our global economy. Companies are looking for collaborative problem solvers that tackle complex problems yet our schools are teaching the scientific method.


Michael is an engineer that discovered his passion in high school, solving problems by changing the status quo.

He also found love marrying his high school sweetheart. They are both mechanical engineers and have two sons, both future engineers, one at the Citadel and one in high school. They all live in Anderson, SC.

Michael’s mentor in college told him “Don’t become a quality engineer in the automotive industry.” After almost 25 years in the automotive quality industry he understands why, it is a challenging, fast paced, just in time environment. But he also realized it is never boring and the experience and knowledge he received would enable him to help others solve their biggest problems.

He has worked as a quality engineer or manager for the last 15+ years solving problems. He is a certified Shainin Red X Journeyman and has taught and coached Six Sigma. Drawing on this experience he now trains and coaches others to resolve problems with creative solutions.

“A coach encouraged me to start becoming uncomfortable. Next thing I know, I am auditioning for a TEDx talk, blogging, and working on my Distinguished ToastMasters.” The next step is to help others become uncomfortable by solving problems of significance like preparing our kids for the future.

Website: www.themichaelarnold.com
Twitter: @QLTEngineer
LinkedIn: michael-arnold-10179311
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