Rashmi Airan | Against the Slippery Slope

Growing up in a world where you succeed at every step, what happens when your world is shattered and you unexpectedly land in prison. How do you explain it to the children and move on to learn from the experience?

About Rashmi

Rashmi Airan is a trailblazer spreading her unique journey and message. Rashmi is a first generation immigrant and the oldest of three daughters. She was raised in Miami, Florida and attended University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she graduated with honors and distinction.

After working for Morgan Stanley Investment Bank in New York City, Rashmi attended Columbia Law School where she was named a Kent Scholar for highest honors. She began her career in nationally recognized law firms in San Francisco and Miami and later as an Attorney for Miami-Dade County. Rashmi eventually opened her own legal practice in real estate law. She has had the opportunity speak at Columbia and NYU Law Schools, corporations, and various community groups.

Rashmi is an avid runner, cyclist, singer, and the proud and blessed mother of two fascinating and loving children.