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This behaviourist discusses the impact of technology and marketing on our neurological pathways and being behaviorally manipulated. It is a gap that is increasing and “killing our freedom” of choice.

About Jez

Jez Rose is The Behavior Expert, an internationally renowned behaviorist, professional speaker, author and media personality.

He is known as the “go-to” guy for memorable presentations on how to efficaciously change human behavior for a list of clients that reads like a “who’s who” of leading global brands, including: Old Mutual Wealth, British Gas, Philips, Wella and Volkswagen.

Despite being considered a leading expert in his field, he remains a big kid at heart, creating unique and entertaining demonstrations in order to ensure his audiences remember what they hear and leave wanting to change the way they behave.

He may be best known for teaching hundreds of thousands of people how to do remarkable things and turning mundane business conferences into memorable events. His reverse alphabet routine and his 4D experiential learning sessions have become a favorite at conferences worldwide and are recounted time and time again by clients, in media coverage and publications.

Jez Rose began his career in the NHS and worked as a comedy performer to help fund his studies in psychology and behavior before a short stint as a further education teacher, lecturing on everyday applications of psychology to help positively change behavior.

Today, Jez travels extensively, presenting to organizations worldwide. He writes for international media publications including CNN and The Daily Telegraph and frequently appears on television and radio as an authority on behaviour. He has appeared in his own 60 minute pilot for ITV1 as well as on popular shows for Channel 4, The Discovery Channel and BBC1’s Breakfast show.

Ask Jez what he believes makes organizations succeed and stand out from the crowd and he’ll tell you that the most important asset of any organization is their people: “At the end of each working day, your employees go out of the door—that’s your organization leaving. Your people are your organization. To have a high performing organization, you have to focus on high performing people.”

Jez is a Faculty Member of the award-winning Unite University and a founding member of the National Association for Training Excellence.

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