Benjamin Caldwell | Binges into Benches

Addiction is a tough, very personal topic for Benjamin. This globally recognized artist shares how he’s harnessed this emotional struggle to deliver vivid commentaries.

About Benjamin

Benjamin has dual degrees in art and business from Westmont College in California. After completing his degrees, he returned to his home state of South Carolina and worked as a Brand Manager and Designer for Votivo. In 2009, he decided to focus on furniture design, and established his design studio, BRC Designs, in the spring of 2010.

A self proclaimed “re-inventor,” Benjamin spends countless hours sifting through thrift stores, antique stores, abandoned warehouses and salvage yards for inspiration. “Sometimes the objects I discover simply inspire an overall design idea and other times the objects actually become the raw material for the piece”.

The types of materials he uses in his work are wide and varied—from more traditional materials such as wood, metal, glass, plastic, and stone—to more unconventional items such as playing cards, defunct pianos, computers, books, bicycles, children’s toys and even bathroom stall dividers. In each of his designs, Benjamin transforms these objects and materials from their original purpose into something new and innovative.

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