Shivani Nadarajah | Engineer by Day, Funny Lady by Night

Why is humor so important to us? How do we deal with humor in our everyday lives? What if you chose to make a living using humor; your income and livliehood came from making people laugh. Could you do it?

About Shivani

Shivani Nadarajah is a local Greenville comedian who was born Canadian, bred Sri Lankan, and raised southern at heart. She began her stand up comedy career in May 2013, sharing stories of her upbringing, transition to southern culture and international travels. Her humor, impressions and crowd work resonates to any and all ethnic groups. She recently placed 2nd in the 2014 SC’s Funniest Comic competition hosted by Alchemy Comedy. Off stage, Shivani works at General Electric in Business Development utilizing her degree in Supply Chain Management from Auburn University.