Roxy Moorecox | Unzipping Stereotypes

With a glance inside her life, her humor, and her heart, Roxy asks us to unmake our minds about stereotypes that restrict our ability to love our neighbors as ourselves. A buxom drag queen and native of Greenville, she performs for the first time in her home town. Dressed in a full length, provocative, hot-red robe that may have been chosen un-coincidentally to match the mighty TED Pantone 485 red, she lulls the audience into a calm, yet expectant, roll of laughter. Slowly moving to the serious, she brings us to an acronym, SAFE, meaning stereotypes, assumption, fear, and expectation. With a dramatic and highly professional stage flourish, Roxy removes the Pantone 485 dress revealing — wait for it — a man! Yes, a man named Clay Smith.

He tells us that it’s time to ask questions. “You can be just as zipped up about not asking about someone else, as you can be about who you are.” He leaves us with this thought: Be open to change your mind. You don’t have to change your mind, but be open to change.

About Roxy (now DelightedToBeHere)

For over a decade, Roxy has delighted audiences across the globe with a winning combination of wit, comedic timing, celebrity illusion, and live vocals. A female impersonator and entertainer based in Charlotte, NC, she continues to make a name for herself from L.A. to London, Chicago to New York City, as that “something different” that all clubs, events, and stages seek.