Joey Obermann | Good Morning Sunshine

A walking encyclopedia about light and how it influences the human brain, Joey Obermann explains how the quality of light affects quality of life. This electrical design engineer relates that light is something that affects our lives in ways that we can barely perceive, giving examples of how different kinds of light make us feel and act. Something we can all relate to these days is sitting in front of computer and mobile device screens. The eerie blue glow our technology tools create is similar to the light of dawn, so sitting in front of screens right before we go to bed is not good for our quality of sleep. He demonstrates how to change iPhone screens to an intensity more conducive to pre-sleep.

About Joey

Joey is an electrical design engineer with a passion for new innovation. Familiar with electricity since childhood, his father was an electrical contractor and often asked little Joey to tag along to pull wires and hook up switches and receptacles. After swearing that he would not pursue a career as an electrician, he spent 18 years in the boat industry. Joey eventually found his way back to his roots as the company’s main contact for repairing electrical issues.

A vacation in Costa Rica changed his life when he decided to move there with his wife and start a yacht repair business. With electricity prices sky rocketing, he looked for ways to conserve, which led to starting a business in solar energy and designing LED lighting. Two years and two children later, projects quickly grew and after installing a solar and LED lighting project in Greenville, SC, Joey and his family found a little house on a lake and moved to the Upstate. Not long afterward, Joey’s mom and dad moved around the corner — within bicycle riding distance — and Joey is able to work with his dad once again. He continues to explore new ideas and ways to enhance his work, enjoy life, and spend quality time with his family.