Jody Servon | Creative Connecting

Jody Servon doesn’t go into the studio by herself to create works of her own imaginings. Her art is woven by the people she meets, connecting within clever scenarios that spur insight and humor. An associate professor at Appalachian State, she tells us about one project which she’s conducted 12 times at different locations in the country. How does it work? She sets up a spot with a sign proclaiming “Dreams for Free.”

Passers-by learn that Jody will give them a lottery ticket if they simply write down what they would do with the lottery winnings should they get lucky. The project, which ultimately involved 600 people, is all about how to give people hope, to give someone pause — to do something that will interrupt their everyday. It’s a powerful message about connecting with people, being genuine with strangers, and getting people to dream beyond the moment.