Heather Marshall | Letting Go of Expectations

In a search for her biological parents, this writer/teacher discovers a serenity in releasing the world around her from her own behavioral presumptions. Heather Marshall begins by telling us a story of her Scottish birth parents — they were young, too young for the age, and without options other than to give her up for adoption.

Later, as an adult, as she was waiting to meet her birth mother, she had time to consider what her reaction would be if her mother was dying, obese, an ex-prostitute. How would she react to each of these situations? She dug deep and learned that expectations are like a third party in a relationship, constantly bouncing around in your head. Instead of dwelling on our expectations for others, we should allow ourselves to fully rest in the reality of the moment. “Whatever expectations you have should be kept away from your relationships,” she says. Only in this way can you engage in a truly loving relationship with others.

About Heather

Originally from Kilmarnock, Scotland, Heather is an author and writing and yoga teacher based in Greenville, where she lives with two of her three children, a pair of Labrador-mix dogs, a set of bagpipes, and a Royal Enfield motorcycle. Her fiction and creative nonfiction are published in a variety of periodicals in the US and the UK. She likes to explore the connection — or disconnection — between characters and the natural environment in her writing. Through yoga and meditation, she practices deepening her connection with whatever environment she finds herself in, on and off the mat. Her first novel, The Thorn Tree, will be published in July, 2014.

When not at work, you can find Heather tromping or riding over the hills near home, and, when she can get away with it, on the other side of the Atlantic.