Chauncey Beaty | Daughtering

A poetic, illuminating twist on family relationships, Chauncey Beaty’s talk may just spur an insightful, more deeply rewarding bond with your own parents. This life coach and poet shares a story of moving back home as an adult to live with her mother, forcing the two to confront all their residual baggage. She introduces us to ‘daughtering’ (or ‘sonning’), which is the act of releasing your parents from the unreasonable expectations that you had as a child.

About Chauncey

Chauncey encouraged us all to “Restore compassion with your parents. Go back to the soft. Open your heart over and over and over again.” This is because when you cling to negative stories of the past, they can consume you and prevent you from reaching your full potential–your full happiness. Chauncey closes by addressing her mother in the audience — “Mom, I honor you.”