TimTV | The Hetero Whiteboy Fashion Victim Recovery and Rejuvenation Programme

TimTv. That cool refreshing drink. Timeless & yet still anachronistic.

About TimTV

Born in a small shoebox on the side of a less-traveled road, this dimly lit bulb of a boy grew up flickering under the weight of the incessant flow of verbal rust and spiritual snow.  Luckily, the heroes of truth and fiction; the Shadow-killers; the Veil-cutters, shone like constellations, and TimTv was able to navigate the labyrinth by the light of the heartfelt loving flames that rolled in from the passing stars of genius and inspiration.

And now, as a fully-realized fictional entity existing realistically in a dream reality, Tim endeavors to shine in all directions, in hopes that shadows may be killed and veils may be cut.  Seeing is believing; and sometimes, believing makes all the difference in the world.


You can keep up with TimTv and his adventures at Tim’s TVs or, if you like photos of stilt-walkers and fire-breathers, try his facebook page.