Michael Bolick | Democratization of Genomic Medicine

Michael Bolick currently serves as CEO of Selah Genomics Inc, based in Greenville South Carolina.  Selah Genomics is a personalized medicine diagnostic specialist supporting healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical industry with advanced molecular and genomic diagnostic services.

Prior to co-founding Selah, Michael served as President of Lab21 Inc, the US headquarters of Lab21 Ltd, a UK based personalized medicine firm.  Lab21 Ltd formed Lab21 Inc in 2009 following their acquisition of Selah Technologies LLC, a firm Michael founded in 2006 to commercialize nanotechnologies licensed from Clemson University. Selah Technologies was focused on disrupting the molecular imaging market by enabling doctors to see cancer during surgery.

Michael is a Fellow in the Liberty Fellowship Class of 2011. The Liberty Fellowship seeks to promote outstanding leadership in South Carolina, empowering the state and its future leaders to realize their full potential.