John Warner | A Shift to Open

John Warner sparks a revolution — a shift to open — a shift to free you from the silos you are in so you can make the connections you need to make the world a better place. He describes his journey to help people with big ideas to attract the resources they need, and to connect them together into a powerful, global network that can make the world a better place on a scale never before possible.

About John

John Warner is CEO of InnoVenture, whose global web platform helps people with big ideas attract the resources they need. John is a recognized leader in the southeastern innovation and entrepreneurial community. He has thirty years of experience in leadership positions as senior manager of KPMG, a global professional services firm; President and co-founder of Capital Insights, a successful SC venture capital firm; Chairman of Earth Fare, a highly successful entrepreneurial company, and VP of KEMET, a global NYSE manufacturer.

He has held numerous community leadership positions and has won several awards for his work.

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