Angela Mackie | Different Not Less

Angela Mackey has served for the past five years as Career Outreach Coordinator at Walgreens Distribution Center in Williamston, South Carolina, where she is responsible for recruiting, training, and coordinating all activities surrounding the employment of individuals with disabilities.

Her duties also include training management to work with people with a variety of disabilities, assisting with all aspects of the employment process, creating and implementing any necessary accommodations, working with Walgreens and agency job coaches in training and supporting employees, and training other companies about the success of hiring individuals with disabilities. Prior to joining the Walgreens team, she worked for the South Carolina Department of Vocational Rehabilitation assisting clients and employers in creating and ensuring quality job placements for people with disabilities. She knows firsthand the struggles that those with disabilities face in regards to employment–she has Cerebral Palsy, which arose from a birth injury.

Mackey holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in counseling from Clemson University and resides outside of Atlanta with her husband, Chris.