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keaneIn December 2014, Lovelorn Records lost its founder, Stephen Crocker, to suicide. He was considered a brother, friend and was the fiancée of co-founder, Hillary Keane.

Hillary says that, “Stephen was always the glue holding us together, and we will honor his legacy by turning that glue to cement as we have become family. We will heal together and forward triumphantly, while we encourage ourselves and other to speak their truth, to reach out, to be unashamed of problems with mental health in their past or present.”

The Hillary Keane Project, led by Hillary Keane, is an alternative band consisting of Jubby Mathis on bass, Jeramie Aiken on guitar and Miles Fleming on drums.

Hillary Keane’s voice is angelic with an edge…so is her personality…so is her overall musical sound. The themes of her songs are introspective with a desire to grow and move past negative influences, as well as to nurture and encourage listeners who can relate to her experiences. Hillary’s sound and character are completely genuine and have attracted the likes of great musical ears and musicians to come together to support the solid foundation that was once just Hillary and her guitar.

Jubby Mathis first enhanced Hillary’s singing by being the entire band for her album, “Gemini Syndrome” (2014). Jubby continues to bring precision, fullness and even funk to the band as he plays the bass so masterfully. It is not uncommon to hear shouts from the crowd about the mind-blowing simplicity he seems to play with. Jeramie Aiken plays lead guitar. He has a masterful and humble style on lead, his personality and energy perfectly meshing with Hillary and Jubby. Miles Fleming showed up one day to jam on the drums. When Jubby moved from drums to bass, there was a space left that seemed impossible to fill adequately, but Miles proved to be the perfect fit. He adds a rhythm of power and precision and a high-energy, positive personality that completes the harmony of the group’s all-around chemistry as both bandmates and friends. Lindsay Keane is Hillary’s soul-singing sister.

Who Can You Run To?” is from the upcoming mixtape, “LVLRN” (2015), featuring Lindsay Keane, Hillary’s soul-singing sister, and is a collaborative effort of Lovelorn artists to make an entirely new project out of the instrumentals from Dr Dre’s “2001.”

“Who Can You Run To?” Video

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