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We’re grateful to have such a dedicated community! TEDxGreenville is divided into two major teams — those who pull together the annual conference presented each spring to an audience of around 400, and those who organize free salons held most months at small venues like ZEN throughout the year.

For info about the monthly salons team, email To help with the annual conference, scroll down to browse this page.

The day-long annual conference is an ambitious undertaking! Six main subteams — active during various months throughout the summer, fall, winter, and spring — make the magic happen. Most of the teams also depend on community involvement to help guide conference content as well as get the word out. Below is a rundown.



You probably want to know what we mean by “a lot,” huh? We are an organization run by volunteers who wish to further TED ideals in our own communities — some core team members set aside a number of hours per week, year-round, while many choose to devote 2-5+ hours per week to teams that are active only certain months of the year.


Program Team

This group, active July through December, has a few basic goals — to help generate speaker and performer nominations, to vet the nominations that are submitted, and to help develop the most promising messages into TED-like “ideas worth spreading.” It’s intellectually challenging, rewarding, and inspiring to have a front row seat to the most innovative ideas in our area!

Meetings are held about every three weeks initially, but as October approaches, they are increased to weekly. As the team is formed, a poll of the members will decide what days/times the meetings will be held, and there are plans to explore remote attendance via phone conference, Skype, etc. As with all teams, each member will have duties the day of the event.


Interactive Team

This lively gang designs the attendee experience during conference “down time” — i.e., before the event begins and during the breaks. The team’s goals are to reinforce messages heard from the stage using play and activity, and to organize other “TEDx-worthy” exhibits.

The interactive team typically cranks up around August and will be active through the day of the event in April.


Branding Team

Formed previously as the design team for the main event, last year we expanded the team’s role a bit to now encompass print design, web design, stage design, marketing, copywriting, animation, and promotional video production.

The team translates the theme, identified early in the summer each year, into a striking visual which can be used consistently across multiple mediums and platforms. The marketing aspect of the team is centered around social media campaigns, because we typically sell out with simple word-of-mouth and online sharing strategies. This team begins in August or September and is active through the day of the event in April.


Sponsorship Team

Various phases of sponsorship solicitation occur July through January, and customer service tasks will begin in late summer or fall and carry through until after the event in April. If you know a lot of people in town, love to network, and enjoy building relationships, this small, dedicated team may be for you. Meeting frequency and team structure will be determined soon.


Public Relations Team

More of a general TEDxGreenville team than specific to the yearly conference, the PR group’s goals include cultivating relationships with media entities to encourage editorial coverage and using the TEDxGreenville blog and other social media outlets to help create buzz. If you have contacts in the media, are addicted to getting social online, or are a great writer, we’d love to hear from you!


Event Logistics/Production Team

The folks who plan, produce, and implement the main event each year get under way around December or January. If you’re event-savvy in any respect, please let us know!


If your time is limited, you can still make immeasurable contributions to TEDxGreenville! By being an active member of our community, you can help shape the messages heard from our stages, enhance the experience of those who attend our events, and let everyone know what we’re up to.


    • Nominate speakers and performers, and encourage others to do the same. Do you realize that all our speakers and performers come from a pool of nominees suggested by YOU? Please tell us, via the online form, about the amazing people you know or have heard — we depend on the TEDxGreenville community in this respect. There will be an early October deadline for eligibility to present at the 2017 event, but nominations are always open, and we appreciate information that comes in early.


    • Join the TEDxGreenville Pit Crew, like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter. Then simply share the really cool stuff with your friends and associates! Raise your hand — if convenient, of course — when feedback or help is requested.


    • Volunteer the day before and/or day of the event. Want to volunteer the day of or day before the April 8th event? Great! Click here to apply.



    • Suggest potential exhibitors. Each annual event sets aside some exhibit space to allow companies or organizations to share compelling messages. Know of an inventive tech company? Heard of an organization pursuing innovative goals? Let us know about them. Email Caroline Caldwell at


  • Become a contributor to our blog. You don’t have to be a full team member to submit posts for consideration.



Without the help of our community partners, the annual conference would not be possible. TEDxGreenville offers benefit packages at various levels for both cash and in-kind sponsors, and provides opportunities for innovative companies and organizations to share concepts with our attendees.


    • Be a sponsor. We rely on our sponsors to keep our ticket prices low and to make TEDxGreenville the best event possible. If you’re interested in becoming a cash sponsor, please email Russell Stall at If you would like to offer resources or services to help produce the event let us know what you have in mind.


  • Apply to exhibit at the event. Each annual event sets aside some exhibit space to allow companies or organizations to share compelling ideas. Are you a supercool tech company? An organization pursuing innovative goals? Let us know! Email Caroline Caldwell at